Quality Policy

D’Accord aims to provide quality employee assistance and rehabilitation services for individuals from workplace incidents and injury as well as ongoing and future needs of individuals and to plan and manage their work functions and relationships with others. Our services are provided with attention to the broader operating parameters of our client organisation and the needs of individuals within their specific work areas.

This is achieved through:

  • Complying with the requirements of ISO9001:2015, all statutory requirements, codes of practice, industry standards especially in relation to mandatory ethical guidelines and privacy of information, contractual requirements and D’Accord Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual;
  • Sound management of projects and contracts by employees and service providers to consistently achieve the required outcomes;
  • A better customer service approach by employees and service providers;
  • Continual improvement of the Quality Management System in the delivery of services and contract outcomes;
  • A consistent approach in specifying and providing and implementing quality management systems, quality management plans and in monitoring their implementation.
    • Consulting with employees and other stakeholders to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and reviewing the Quality Management System at least quarterly. The Quality Policy shall also be reviewed annually prior to our annual Internal Audit;
    • Ensuring quality management principles are included in all organisational planning activities i.e. Management Review Meetings, Induction training and ongoing education and training to all of our employees;
  • Ensuring that all staff are trained and competent in the tasks they perform;
  • Establishing objectives that are realistic, achievable and measurable then reviewing performance against objectives in quarterly Management Review Meetings;
  • Statistical reports will be created and reviewed in the quarterly Management Review Meeting where root causes of issues will be determined and preventative and/or further corrective actions will be determined, assigned to responsible officers and implemented;
  • Making the Quality Policy available to our clients and the community as required.