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D’Accord OAS, an Australian owned and operated company, has merged with Occupational Assistance Servies (OAS) and has a combined experience of 26 years.  During this time we have provided EAP, trauma response management debriefing, mediation, training, assessment and other organisational consultancy services to organisations across Australia.

Our organisations’ aim is to assist businesses to maintain the health, wellbeing and adaptability of its workforce. D’Accord OAS believes that a mentally and physically healthy workplace will result in a more resilient and productive workplace. This will result in less absenteeism, higher productivity, less time that management and human resources will spend on unhappy employees.  

D’Accord OAS has developed a reputation for providing timely and cost effective EAP and trauma counselling services, relevant to needs at the individual, team and organisational levels.

D’Accord OAS is committed to ensure that all aspects of our services are current, ethical and professional; our counsellors are cognisant of the wide-ranging cultural and humanistic needs of today’s workplace and their own need for ongoing education in this regard.

D’Accord OAS is more than an EAP provider; we are a visionary company providing risk management, health and safety, well-being and resilience consulting services. D’Accord OAS consults with organisations to identify and develop proactive and focused strategies that improve overall staff health and well-being, leading to increased business effectiveness.

D’Accord OAS provides 24 hour, 7 days a week phone contact answered directly by a staff member (no automated answering). D’Accord OAS is not only able to provide these services nationally but also globally.


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D’Accord OAS 4 Pillars of Business Excellence


Response Times

In the past 20 years, D’Accord OAS has never failed in meeting its response times for EAP or trauma services. We can often provide an EAP session within 24 hrs. and our average on site response time for trauma's in metro areas is 65 mins.


Quality of Personnel

D’Accord OAS minimum requirement is that personnel must have at least 6 years industry experience. We do not employ graduates or counsellors without adequate experience. D’Accord OAScan offer a healthy gender split of counsellors with a wide range of expertise.


Business Partnerships

D’Accord OAS prefers to build strong business partnerships and work with our client organisations to better understand their business and range of factors that impact the business at the individual, team, management and organisational level. Our clients have direct access to our Contract Services Manager to discuss service delivery issues and improvements for the service. Many of our added services have developed from a cohesive working relationship with our clients and understanding their needs.


“Can Do” Approach

D’Accord OAS is an innovative company, and extends well beyond just being an EAP provider. We are always looking for ways to assist our clients and avail ourselves to projects which may not fall under the normal scope of EAP. Many of our client companies have valued our skills and approached us for assistance in developing processes, polices, and business improvements.